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Surrender any frustrations, irritations and judgements of where you are, what you may be feeling and thinking that arise, let go of it all. This is todays message – Surrender. Hand it over. For you are being shown through rising frustrations and irritations what you are being guided to let go of, to stop trying to control or work out. As best you can of course as the head can want to hang on to what isn’t helpful and run it around and around. This is where you expanded awareness of yourself and how you work, your expanded compassion towards yourself assists you to see through the heart what is truth, what is your truth and what is the ego, the personality taking over. Check in with yourself is the frustration attached to you connecting with the old, old patterns old scenarios, old ways of being that you know don’t help you? Where is surrender calling you and the path of least resistance? When we feel tender, or vulnerable we can armour up and get frustrated with others when it is really frustration with our own self and what we keep circling within.

What really does matter to you, what really serves you and what is well and truly showing you is an old way of being, thinking, doing and you can feel it through your emotional responses. All is well it is all for growth, deeper understanding of ourselves and what we hold within. Be present with yourself, with all of you this will help you to move through things in a much more heart centred space and what arises when present with yourself by not avoiding or projecting out will allow you to move through much quicker.

All that January has brough to you, the need to slow down, to be present, to come into greater presence and thus understanding with yourself and all in your world, your heart, will continue to process through you through February. It is a period of integration so again allowing instead of judging yourself as being in a good or bad space, or right or wrong in your feelings is key. Allow Soul to lead you, allow your heart to guide you and remember the gift of each moment to reset, refresh and expand anew.

Much Love xxx

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