Let it Go and Hold Love

26th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Let the old ways go, let them shift is the message today as we are asked to further detach from the routines, habits and ways of being that we have been doing many on auto pilot with no conscious awareness. That which we have been working on to bring all into higher alignment, into love which opens us up to allow ourselves to connect with what is next and awaiting our conscious connection. So the message – keep letting things go.

You may have experienced triggers over the last few days particularly, felt irritation, agitation frustration come up over the little things that annoy you, particularly with others. Many of you are able to see clearly, very clearly what you have allowed others to get away with, or better put what you have allowed yourself to be a part of, or allowed others to treat you, where your boundaries haven’t been upheld or even created. You can really see where you no longer reside, you can feel where you no longer fit as your vibration has shifted and so being in situations where your old patterning would mean you handed your power over, not valued the self enough because you haven’t felt worthy enough to say no, didn’t feel loved enough to let go of the toxic attachments as they fed you something. So now what is occurring when you see the behaviour, the pattern, the communication play out in front of you, you can/may feel it physically moving within you, triggering you, and this brings up irritation as you see what you allowed yourself to participate in before. LET IT GO. See it for what it is your incredible growth, look how far you have come, seriously time for a pat on the back and a WOW well done, own it! We have all moved through and dropped at the curb some really old unserving ways because we have been reclaiming our power and chose to honour and value ourselves for the beauty and the magic that we are. This is not of the ego, this is beautiful empowerment that brings us closer to who we are.

So let the irritation and the thoughts come and let them go, you aren’t loosing your mind see it all as energy for it is. See it all moving through you, see the power in what you have learned and actually acted on. Such celebration is going on in the higher realms of light for your transformation. And remember this space that you have created may feel wobbly just allow it to be, all is settling.

A pop in also that many of you being empathic some highly, are feeling the collective and the occurrences that are going on in the world. Send your heart, your prayers, your love over the earth and remember to ask, “Is this Mine?” as some of what you are feeling into is not. Use the violet flame, clear your field and know that all is asking us to come back to love, to unity, to Oneness. Don’t lose faith the world needs your light. Keep holding LOVE.

With Love and Kindness to all xxx

(Image credit istockphoto.com)