Soften, Allow, Open

4th May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

This time is not just about releasing what no longer serves, old patterns, beliefs, superseded truths, but about continuing within the process of release to hold faith, hold the Light that you are, to trust the new that is ready and waiting to open, to have form. Not just for you as an individual beacon of light but for the entire Collective, the planet. The shifts that are occurring now are so incredibly powerful, have never been experienced with such intensity. You chose to be here, how powerful are you to choose to be here at this time in body to hold Light for the planet it, we (All) go through such powerful change?

Whatever is moving out of your life, whatever doors are closing were always meant to be, trust it all for the more you try to hold on and control what has always been meant to be the more tension and restriction you will feel. Let it all go – soften dear hearts has been the gentle and loving message through the Angelic realms. When you feel tension rise, when you notice your mind running, your body tension, your emotions amplified, it feels like everything is building up – stop, take a deep breath in and as you exhale slowly and with intention soften, soften and open to love dear hearts, allow it to fill your heart, your mind, your body. Call forth the Light of Love, of the Divine, the Archangelic Real to flow through your crown and fill you. Consciously choose and with your loving intention say, “I soften – I allow – I open – I let go.” “I soften, I allow, I open, I let go. I surrender and release my human will to hold on to what I feel I need in my life and open to allow Divine Will, Divine flow to be present. I move gracefully, easily with the winds of change. And it is so for me, so be it”.

“Stay present Dear Ones, rise in your LOVE(ing) presence, for within presence (present moment awareness) it becomes much easier for you to make choice/s that serve your highest pathway forwards. Within awareness of all parts of the Self you are less likely to hold on, to restrict or resist to the magnificent possibilities that are available to you, and thus allow them to BE drawn to you, to unfold as and when is right to be so. Choose and respond with love for Self and All, keep your heart open and continue to allow the love that you are to flow freely through you, for you also assist others to awaken and be more comfortable to freely do the same. Love is your way forwards dear Ones, allow it to permeate all”.

It will ease, it will pass. Trust your process and the bigger process completely and absolutely and you will see the magic, the Divinity in all occurring and unfolding.

“I soften – I allow – I open – I let go to the higher intent of Love.”

Much Love xxx

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