You ARE Light, Time to Cleanse and Clear

30th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Things shift and evolve whether you feel within light or shadow from one moment to the next, change is one constant in life nothing stays as it is for long, of course you can help things to stay with resistance to the natural flow of life of course, however the message Spirit wants to remind you of is that who you are, what you are at your core, your true essence never changes, it is constant. Your heart, your light, your love, that which you are never changes, you may feel the separation from self when you are deeply within emotions that feel uncomfortable or times that come to test your resolve, but as also came through yesterday’s message choose to keep coming back to the self, see that you are not your experiences.

Remind yourself often, hands on your heart breathe deeply, see, sense feel the cord of light that connects you to the Divine, to All, you are never separate, nothing separates you hold this tightly when you feel the old stories, the old experiences rise to check in if you have truly mastered what you thought you had. Hold strong, see through to the gift being given in all experience, the gift that is held within all emotion, don’t sink but flow It is practice yes, it takes greater self-awareness yes, it takes honesty and trust yes but you are more than capable, more than courageously strong and more than ready to rise above and become the master of your reality.

Be patient if you are feeling a heaviness or a sense of things being not quite right around you, within you, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. There are things at play here, if you feel tested at this time rise up (as best you can) as it feels many of us are being asked to really anchor in and hold our faith and light high, this denser energy comes to try to dim your light, see it for what it is and make choice to say no I’m not going within this and stay firmly anchored in your LOVE, heart open and it will shift, it cannot stay within an energy that is radiating unconditional love. You may like to check in with yourself and ask your heart if it is perhaps a time to use the Violet Flame, use the Code if you have it (it is available on my website) or do a Violet Flame clearing meditation to clear your auric field, your energy centres of anything that is less than unconditional love, light and healing and not there for your highest good. What also comes through here is that this is for some reason that you are feeling blocked or cut off from yourself, or your connection feels off, this will help all flow with greater ease and refresh your energy.

I have asked for a card today for this message and Clean and Clear has come through so Spirit is confirming the message received.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of The Little Sage Oracle by Helen Jacobs)