Keep Letting Go

4th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The little strands of energy they are being shown as that attach to situations that aren’t yet fully tied up, resolved or forgiven you may find coming up this week and possibly throughout the next three weeks to the end of the month for your attention. As we are guided to attend to further releasing, perhaps finding another way to engage within a particular situation or around a certain person or group, and in some cases you are being guided to soften, soften even more within your heart and expand your love to those people and situations so you can let them go, this is going to bring in a feeling of peace, calm and completion, resolution that wasn’t able to be felt before now.

Your emotions may feel heightened in some areas, again the old particularly around relationships, that have their roots in your childhood experiences, coming up for further release, so as has been said allow the tears, allow yourself to process. Its important they say to let go of your want to control outcomes, let go of any expectations you have placed on yourself at this time, take the pressure off to be, do, have, form and just flow within all.

Awareness within your day this week, check in, are you trying to fill it with ‘busyness’ in order to avoid the uncomfortableness of feeling what is really going on with you emotionally? Please don’t be afraid of what is within, if it feels painful or feels teary give it your time in stillness, connect with it, love it and allow yourself to emotionally acknowledge, process and release however that looks for it comes to help you let go. From one day to the next all is perfect.

Much Love to all xxx

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