28th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Changes are calling many of us especially where we may have become complacent, overly familiar and too deeply set all snuggled into our comfort zones that are not allowing for those changes, or any change, movement and thus growth and expansion to what wants to be, what is ready for you. Its understandable of course to want to stay in what is predictable as it feels safe and us humans tend to like safe and predictable however some of those set patterns and routines, ways of being within relationships, what we are just ‘putting up with’ and allowing, what we are choosing to keep within our world are not serving our growth. They are actually the very thigs that is blocking our forward movement.If you are feeling irritation or triggers niggle you, feel a bit antsy you are likely feeling the energies of change rising up. At the same times as this, and this has been coming in all week the past and what has been worked through already may be coming up to say hello as it further lets go. So you may be tested (to call it that) and find yourself within these exact situations or similar experiences to allow you to put that learning into practice, show what you have mastered and embodied fully. So we have this going on at the same time, remember all is serving us and working ‘for’ us not against us. You may know all of this but had not felt deeply called or motivated as yet to look within or make any changes, have that conversation, however you may just be nudged enough to as you are shown where things are out of balance where you are resisting and thus blocking flow of the magic that wants to be. Wherever you are not feeling fulfilled within your own being may be presenting in your outer experiences, it is reflecting, so just pay attention to what is being lovingly shown to you as all is guiding you.

Be open, tell Source, the Universe, announce it out loud that you are ready to be shown what is available to you, what you are ready for next for your highest and greatest good and see what shakes, what irritates, what presents that is highlighting where you are feeling unfulfilled or where you are not living up to your potential. You are here to grow and expand into all you can be, to open to all your magic, powerful light and love, this once again is a loving hand in that direction.

I have looked to see if there are any ‘moons’ coming up as I see the waves of energy forming and I see that we do have a New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse this weekend so if you are feeling the rumblings and waves coming in already this is a heads up. Remember all is to power you forward on your path. You may very well be aware of where you don’t feel fulfilled and nourished, where you aren’t allowing yourself to expand and you may not feel ready yet, know the time will come when it either builds to a point within that you feel absolutely compelled to make changes or you have had enough of staying where you are. There is no wrong for no matter what choice or decision, action, or inaction you take it is exactly right for you in the moment. All comes into being in its right timing.

Be open, trust the process, trust yourself and your capabilities to power forward. Trust your guidance as all is expanding you into greater inner freedom.

Much Love xxx

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