Todays Messages with Love

21st September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Rest and reflect , allow, pause, take stock of where you are and listen to what you are needing at this time. Try not to attach yourself to unnecessary drama, so if you find yourself around someone that is expressing, projecting outward their judgements either of their or another’s life, habits, behaviour be mindful of if you are adding to it or going along for the ride. Are you attaching to it or are you able to remain within a detached, neutral space? Some may be finding it more apparent and increasingly uncomfortable to be around those that still choose to spew out judgements or engage in negative ways as you simply cannot be around this form of energy any more, you ‘feel’ the discord it creates. You are feeling the energy within/that is the words, emotions around you. Others that have travelled the path a little longer you are finding that your ability to remain separate, hold your own space when present with this sort of energy, be present within your own field and be within a detached space has grown, you have more strength in your presence, more power/light to stand in your own. What you would have once picked up from or chose not to be around you can now remain in your heart, in light.

All may be noticing upon reflection and pause that you have in fact been far less judgemental of yourself, big changes have taken place around not only how you communicate and act/interact with yourself but with others. You have been redefining your boundaries in all ways and you are starting to notice the subtle differences this threads through your life, some not so little as you continue to shift and shape things to better serve you in peace, love and alignment with your Souls path.

The mental mind feels more ready and willing to want to connect closer into the heart, to work in greater harmony. If you find yourself ‘feeling’, whether overflows of love sweeping through you, feel a softer sense of self, even a little more emotional in response to things that you may normally, all is okay. Celebrate your opening, awakening and expanding heart and your minds opening willingness to come into greater togetherness with love in your life.

Much Love xxx

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