Flow & Let it Go

20th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Hidden shadow aspects may be arising, do your best with it, see what is repeating what you are being shown you are still moving through, working within healing. Make changes where you are able or feel ready to but most of all go gently with yourself. If someone’s behaviour or something outside of yourself is really pushing your buttons perhaps its best to not engage, to walk away lest you find yourself reacting and unloading all from a space of frustration, anger, and/or overload. You don’t need to destroy your own inner peace that you are trying hard to maintain at this time. Let it be and choose another time to have the conversation you need to have when you are in a space that you feel more centred within your heart, grounded. Do your best to hold a space of compassion and peace within, use the breath, take time to allow five minutes a day multiple times a day if you need to just centre in your heart close your eyes and breathe. Use the Audios in the Group Files and Featured areas or contact me and I will email them to you.

Relationships with others and family can be particularly tricky for many at this time of year for a whole host of reasons, hold your own space of peace amongst others, let it go, let it go, let it go. If you have been around people that have been a little chaotic or projecting all over the place, use the Archangel Michael Cord Cutting or Violet Flame (also in Files in the Group) to cut cords and clear your field of attachments. That being said you never know what another is feeling or dealing with inside, try to hold a space of compassion not judgement as perhaps that person is projecting as they simply don’t know how to handle their emotions, it’s become too much. It’s a balance of holding space but also not allowing disrespect or abuse.

This week’s energies are high as we come into the Solstice and a Super New Moon so you may feel a little or a lot ungrounded at times. Where you can, make time for you and keep finding space to shut off the busyness the noise of the outside and others and cultivate a little peace within. Give yourself the gift of space. When things arise that we thought we had moved through they come to invite you to go deeper within. Again we are being given the gift through those buttons being pushed to see into our relationships and what isn’t working or what hasn’t yet been changed and brought into a better balance and is aligned with your boundaries and who you are now. You have changed and you may find that you just don’t seem to fit in some relationships or feel you are not connected as you once were. See all as opportunity for a deeper inner cleanse and to bring more within your world into a way that works for you and who you are now. You have grown and expanded, shifted, and healed so much this year dear hearts. Find rest where you are able, keep finding a gentler way of doing of being, go softly and be mindful of what you are committing your time, love, and energy to.

Much Love xxx

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