Keep Aligning

17th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep being aware of yourself within your day, check in at times, remind yourself to do a quick feel into your body, take a breath, see if you are holding tension, clenching your jaw, holding your shoulders high, breathing shallow from just the top part of the lungs. Relax, exhale. Take a moment to relax and consciously let go, drop the shoulders, breathe out deeply and in again a few times to reset, soften the face close your eyes and place your left hand over your heart, your right on top of it and breathe.As we are consciously choosing to put into practice into action within our day all we have learned about ourselves and we bring the Soul and the heart into play within all in our waking moments we are containing to choose to come in to higher alignment and consciousness. It can be at times, and it is, like you are flicking from one you into the other, flicking back into the old when we connect back into the old patterns and responses, but then when we observe and are aware of this we then choosing to align with our higher knowing and we literally shift frequency which flicks you back into the new higher states of being. And this occurs as you experience, whether the challenging experiences or uncomfortable, all is choice for us in each moment so try not to get disappointed with yourself or beat yourself up if you perhaps didn’t handle something as well as you would have liked to, you see it and feel it instantly, remember you are human and you are practicing it all, it takes consistency and commitment to the self and most of all a huge dose of self -love, which we are all learning to embody in deeper ways, we can always open to greater self-love.

So take a breath all is well, you are doing an incredible job of navigating your world and the world at large, there is a lot being thrown around, a lot occurring but all, ALL is leading us to love you may just not be able to see or grasp this, to greater love individually and collectively. Keep doing what you are doing for you are making great steps forward into higher ways of being. Let go of the need to have it all mapped or planned out, let your expectations go and open your heart, your trust further, don’t be disheartened if you dreams, whether within relationships, business, self, haven’t felt fulfilled, keep walking within your day with higher awareness of the self and you will gain greater clarity to what is occurring, patience as there is much unfolding, we tend to as humans want everything now, but if we were to receive it instantly it would not fit or be able to be sustained as we ourselves are not yet in alignment with it. Patience, trust and celebrate how incredibly far you have travelled in such a short space of time.

Last minute pop in for who needs to hear it – Let go of the need or the want to control another, to have them need to see your point of view or your way is right, this may particularly revolve around children or partners. We cant be responsible for or make another change, they have to be ready and feel it from within themselves, we can only plant the seeds, hold them in love and be patient as they go through what they are needing to for their journey. Otherwise it feels friction and resistance is being created within the relationship. Let it go and hand it over to love, it will be what it is to be.

Much Love to all xxx

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