Allow Light to Lead you

21st June 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The silence, the feeling of nothingness, the void allows you to feel, to listen, to BE. It offers time for reflection and integration dear heart, for insight to drop in. Do not fear if you feel within this space for it is magically perfect, it is your pause before your forward movement again although even in the space of pause you are always in motion always moving forwards. Allow without judgement of what is, allow without attaching story dear heart. Allow yourself to just be, as they said yesterday, be present, in presence. The energies dance and shift today the shortest day and longest night for us in the southern hemisphere and the longest day for those in the north, a day where you are receiving the most Light available. Soak it in and allow the activations within you that are ready to be so to be. Drink in the Light fill your vessel. For those of us in the northern hemisphere it is a space of strengthening and preparing, allowing Souls callings and new inspiration to emerge as the Light of the Sun returns slowly, to make conscious connection. Your courageousness to feel to be within the uncomfortable that arises allows for your greater transformation, growth and enlightenment.

All is perfect continue to open to receive, continue to just be present with what is, within awareness of what Soul is guiding. Continue to open, to surrender, to trust to allow all that is to be for you. Hold with trust your belief in your worthiness, continue to hold gratitude and a space of open love for all and continue to receive the blessings, for you are always blessed, supported and loved beyond your human comprehension.

Within your Beingness you are open to receive the fullness of all that is for you. Ask the Divine to shown you the Universe to show you, “Show me how good it can be. I AM open to receive abundantly”.

Allow the energies present today to assist you to rebalance and reset.

With Much Love xxx

(Light Code – Divine Light Burst – The Light within wanted to be present again today, drink it in and fill yourself up – SoulLee Connected © 2022-23)