The February Energies of Release

9th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

A short pop into day and it comes to guide us to be really aware where and around what we are still holding on to doubt. Just notice when any thoughts or feelings/emotions arise and what they are being activated from, what was the trigger, as we are deeply within a time of letting go (if we choose) and great expansion as we are ready to actively step into new ways. The energies around us are actively supporting our transmutation of anything that we are willing and ready to let go of. So when doubt surfaces around something, whether business, relationship, the self, your abilities, your security, safety we are being shown where we hold limiting beliefs, where we are holding ourselves back from stepping into a greater version of the self, as we feel the shift to move us out of our old ways of being and into the new that is here. And it doesn’t matter if the new, the unknown is great, you know it serves you to let go, letting go can be scary as the personality, the ego fears change and this can be the very resistance you are feeling, it can be all the feels from uncertainty to terrifying to let it go, to make the changes so we hesitate.

Know you are gaining greater strength, greater courage and if you don’t feel ready to now let go of what you know you don’t want anymore, or are not quite ready to make the changes, that all is working for you, your power and confidence is growing and you will get there.

All is well, be aware of yourself as Soul is bringing to you the gift of wisdom within your doubt, within your fear, within your uncertainty. You are so supported; you are held as you take the Soul lead steps forward in each moment. Breathe and release what you are ready to. Keep noticing what is not working, what causes resistance, tension, brings up the heat with another as all are lovingly given to welcome you to go within, feel and then if you choose take the opportunity to grow and leave behind what is not for you. All comes to show you what you have outgrown but still may be resistant to completely releasing. “In time Dearest Ones, all in right time, now breathe and trust”.

With the message ~ “In time Dearest Ones, all in right time, now breathe and trust”, they are highlighting the word TRUST this is what is being asked to be brought in and placed within the heart as this assists greatly with your process of letting go and dissolves and helps with doubt, it holds the hand of doubt.

Much Love xxx

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