Relationships and Responsibility

5th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Responsibility is coming through. Self-responsibility for our energy and where we choose to place it, what we invite into it and get involved within, who/what we share it with, accountability. You may be witnessing things arise within your relationships so you can gained better understanding about yourself and the part you play in the dynamic. Perhaps you are being shown where you are still doing for another that is actually taking away their ability to be responsible for themselves, where you may be inserting yourself, your energy in what is not your true responsibility within another’s life. You may be doing it from a space of love or feel you are helping as when others are struggling it can be particularly hard if we are close to them to not want to make it better for them or fix things so they can feel better, to be the problem solver. It can be a fine line but we are really being asked to be aware of what is not ours to do, fix, or rescue, and this can also show us where we are perhaps having issues with maintaining our own healthy boundaries as well as having deeper understanding that another needs to go through what they are for their own journey and growth. Some may be experiencing some old core wounding’s surfacing but this doesn’t mean that we need to take another’s bad behaviour or allow it to be an excuse for their choosing to voice or act unpleasantly towards others. Learning to be more responsible for the self may mean stepping back and allowing another to go through what they need to without feeling you have to save them, its not being uncaring it is allowing them to grow and expand through what they need to experience but at the same time you can be a loving presence of support so they know they are cared for and heard whilst they travel through what they need to.

This is an experience that many go through when they have children of their own and can play out particularly depending on their own childhood wounding and trauma. If as a child you didn’t feel seen, heard, that your emotions were valid or had all your needs fulfilled when you have your own children you can over compensate and want to make everything okay, fix and do everything you can so they never have to experience unhappiness as you did as a child. This comes from a place of absolute love but can end up not allowing the child to gain the necessary life skills and ways of coping with certain emotions and situation that it needs to in life. Stepping back and supporting and loving, witnessing but not fixing it for them (some situations of course may need an adults intervention) can be a very hard thing to do. See where this need comes from as they actually offer you a beautiful gift for healing and growth.

With Love xxx

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