A little message pop in

30th January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message received today is about the insights being received, some of which may not make sense to you yet, some may in part form a bit of understanding but not wholly, the bigger picture is still forming, patience here as the rest will drop in in time and all will be shown to you, or enough that you are able to grasp the spark of idea, enough to be able to reflect on what you need to or see a way forward that was not visible before. The insights and messages the information becomes clearer as we honour our being, as we drift within our life flow and keep creating space by letting go of what we are hanging on to that is not helpful or that takes from our life force, be it person, situation, pattern, belief. It’s even more important to step up and start/continue to be responsible and take charge of your energetic, spiritual and physical care, keep checking in and take the time to listen to, feel and connect with your physical body, your mental and emotional body’s, feel into your vibration and take note and act on what they are needing, what are they communicating with you? Keeping up the self-care, self-love, working within greater unconditional love of the self as you have realised how important and vital it is to look after yourself, that love starts within/with you.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of Google Free Images)