Remember the Light you are

11th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep connecting and being present within your heart, allow your hearts energy to expand around you, then below you above you, radiate love from within, love that nurtures and expands through every cell and space of your being first, then expanding out to touch those you come into contact with, whether person, tree, animal or flower. Let you light, your love shine today, and every day, yes today is the powerful 11:11 day where we can really connect within with our creativity and many feel the amplification of light present within themselves and on the earth. Remember this light within you is ever present, every day, every hour every moment, it is you and you have the ability to  connect within this at any time.

Keep stepping, acting and reacting from awareness from being fully present within yourself and you will notice that you are drawing to you all that you need, not necessarily what the ‘human you’ the mind thinks you need but that which the Soul needs for its next aligned steps. If you feel in any way stuck, ask your Angels, the beings of light that are ever present on your journey to show you, to guide you to the next action step or next piece of the puzzle to propel you forward. Perhaps it is guidance that you are in fact in a space of integration and are on ‘pause’ as all is working within you. Perhaps it is time to draw up and out and light that creative spark again, to play. Let the divine guide you and release your need to control or over think things. Sending love to the mind but allow it to take a back seat and let the heart drive.

Open to the expansive energies present, mediate today sit in nature, sit within your heart or take a moment to be still and follow your breath. Ask to receive what you are ready for and then be open and receptive to however that may look or be presented to you in the coming days and weeks.

Much love to all xxx Blessings and Love

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