Love is Gaining

20th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The heart is shown as opening wide, expanding in love and so it may be a day where you feel reflective and in a soft space. You are more able to look back over many experiences within your life and see the value, the wisdom gained through the challenging and uncomfortable but also the immense moments of joy and love, see the shifts that have occurred from who you were then and who you are now so clearly. It’s a warm and fuzzy one as you connect in greater expanded ways to love, love, compassion and gratitude for All.

The judgements especially about yourself are lessening, you are being kinder and more understanding to yourself, finally, for many this has been a hard road as many of your past experiences travelled through have been weighty and have depleted your confidence, your self-worth and self-love. All this is changing as you are coming to see the beauty within you, as you see what you have been working hard to peel away has opened you up and make space for you to bring in more light, you are opening your heart to yourself. How truly beautiful, as each of you truly are.

Celebrate you beloved.

Much Love xxx

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