What a Time! Ease is coming

5th May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Getting sick of hearing it’s a potent time? Well that’s because it is, and it’s been quite the rapid ride/rise for many. We are coming to (what feels like) a point, a peak in these energy. There is so much happing on a planetary and cosmic level at this time and it’s a big factor in why these energies feel so amplified, the intensity of the light flooding in is magnificent, mind-blowing! As well as coming into a Full Moon which invites a letting go, a release to assist us and the bookend lunar eclipse.

Keep trusting your path, noticing what is occurring within you and within your outer experiences as all is closely guiding and supporting you to make huge jumps forwards into newness/expansion. Things are going to shift in the next week or so, it will calm down which will see many breathe a huge sign of relief. Congratulate and celebrate all that you are travelling, the feel-good moments, the hard ones, the revelations and the home truths dear hearts. Celebrate you for your courage and strength to ride this time. You may have felt and may still do as if you have being literally squashed in all directions. You are feeling more as you heal as you open and clear, make choices that serve your path forwards in love. To feel more is not a bad thing for we are also learning to master ourselves, to discern, to allow and move within all to our advantage, the ease and graceful flow within all becomes easier for we are not here to avoid but learn how to BE within all.

Embrace and allow, let go, hold your light high and radiate, shine bright, commit to trust if things are coming up and you are feeling the impact feel restricted or squashed within the body as if being squeezed from all directions, it is merely showing you were there is need for release, where you hold old emotions. Soften into it and open, soften and open, breathe. We are moving through to the other side of the two eclipses this one seeing the ending of such intensity and propulsion into the newness you have been creating and cultivating.

Trust yourself, trust the path and the work that you have been doing to let go of and bring change to the old ways, the unserving, the misaligned, let go of who and what you thought you were/are and prepare to expand as you boldly and perhaps blindly step into the unknown and the possibilities that are awaiting your connection. Open your heart wide, keep it open, let love in, radiate love as you are coming to emerge into a new dawn.

Give yourself the time and space to allow all to settle within you this weekend, stop pushing to be the super-human, it’s really important (it feels) to honour and respect, nurture your entire being as all your systems and bodies are processing so much. Allow the space of time especially if you feel a little off centre, a little rattled or wobbly please allow yourself peace, step back and if you are one to keep doing – step back again. This time is allowing you to be really present with yourself, a space that epiphanies and insights may pop in, you may feel the opening, the connection with the Divine, with your own energy and your energetic connection with the Universe feels more ‘connected’, present, cemented, you feel more sure of it (hard to explain the feeling).

A little pop in for the day is to be mindful of rising emotions and communication, it may not be the best of days if you are planning on engaging with another and having deeper conversations or trying to bring resolution to things, leave it a day or so or to Monday as even if you feel centred and open the other party may be emotionally charged and projective.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of unsplash.com)