A message from the Buffalo

28th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Stay grounded to the Earth for you are here to experience and learn, grow and evolve from your human life experiences but at the same to awaken to the remembrance that you are eternal love, a part of the All, eternal light that never truly dies but changes form again and again, returning to light, to lightness. You are continually transforming in physical and light again and again.

The image of the Buffalo spirit comes through and he reminds us to keep our focus ahead, never back (past) and to see all experience as opportunity for there is opportunity in all, to trust and not to fear when the road turns and you cannot see ahead. Embrace and welcome the new for all is a gift, life is a gift, keep your heart open in love, in trust, in faith, be present within yourself connected to the Earth and to the beauty that is present around you if you only look through the eyes of love. Connected to the stars, to the Light and All.

Keep your heart open, invite peace to be present and expect magic, open and invite in joy to fill your being.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of unsplash.com)