Beautiful Star Souls you are Magic

29th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Within each day we are asked to walk with our heart leading the way, walking in our power, feeling a greater sense of strength and accomplishment becoming more apparent for all you have risen through, all you have walked within this year. The past limitations are ready to further fall away and it is like stepping out of the old skin and into an expanded version of the self. Take a deep breath as you read that and see yourself unzipping the old skin from your crown to your feet, and taking a step outside of the old self, allow it to fall away as you take a deep breathe into your heart and exhale. Feel the love, feel the tears fall as you feel into yourself, the magic and the beauty within you.

It takes effort to get to where you are now, so take a breath and congratulate yourself, the journey is not an easy one at times and the last few years have been more than testing as we have all journeyed our pathway of ascension alongside our Mother Earths rapid transformation.

The energies present as we move through the last two days of November are helping us drive forward and break the old cycles and patterns so use this push, use this to step boldly ahead being very present and aware of the choices you make, the words you speak and the thoughts you hold so you can choose in all to be truly conscious of yourself and all you are creating for yourself, your future self now. Trust in yourself and in your innate knowing.You are each stars that shine in this world and beyond.

Much Love xxx

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