Awareness Expands

22nd May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

What is starting to really kick in and become more noticeable for many, really heightened for some is your expansion, your greater openness and awareness of self and your ability to feel, know. It is becoming somewhat of an instantaneous awareness for some, quicker for others now to be able to feel when you are out of balance, when you feel tension forming within a part of your body or stress forming within the mental mind. You can as if outside of yourself or detached pick up on it, observe rather than instantly feel need to react or unconsciously react with the ego. What once you allowed to run rampant within the mind, or how you would once react within an instance with no real conscious awareness to what you were choosing (to create) you are picking up on, you are catching it in its moment (in the now of creation). You are becoming more open, your channels are opening, connections being refined, more fine tuned into self and all. This is a result of all the letting go of the old, the trauma, the patterns, beliefs, what has been clouding or covering your already present lightness of being. Your awareness to the fact that all is energy all is vibration, all has its own frequency that it hums and emits, you are becoming more aware of the connection of All, every-thing, every-one is sending and receiving a signal, a message and you are starting to be more aware of this and make choices, decisions and actions that align, that serve, that create and produce what you want to be and see, allow presence in your life. You are sure what you don’t want.

Keep feeling into and asking your heart, the Archangelic realm, the Divine to guide you and to help you continue to make the best most aligned choices for yourself. “How may I serve for the highest and greatest good of all today?”

You are magnificent dear heart, keep opening to receive the magic.

Keep it Light.

Much Love xxx

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