26th August 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Freedom, a word that holds so very much around it at present. I am not going to play into talking about the current issues that have tested our own meaning of freedom deep within, and that which has played both in our inner and outer worlds.

The message today is about continuing to find your freedom, freedom of self, freedom of your greatest expression, freedom  within your heart and thus the mind. To keep opening, keep opening your heart and expanding yourself. Keep stepping up and through your experiences with greater awareness to what is actually being shown to you within them being led by the voice of the heart not the mind. For when we dive within ourselves and allow all to be felt we uncover the beauty, we uncover the gold that lies within ALL experience. Yes this is a particularly hard thing for the human mind to get its bearings around when the experiences are painful, when they test and try our deep beliefs in the world and within ourselves, in that of the Divine.

Keep letting go, keep sinking into trust even whilst all around you may feel it is pressing on you, restricting you or trying to wear you down. You get to choose how things affect you no one can ‘make’ you feel a certain way unless you allow it. Practice this, keep practicing it. Keep rising above as best you individually can. Stay in your own lane, allow others to be whether you hear or see things you agree or disagree with. I can’t express enough how we are being shown how we can exist within all at this time by staying in your own light, being true to own deep beliefs and faith. Trust the process, trust the bigger picture, the Divine plan and pathway unfolding. Keep rising above staying present within your heart, within a space of love and you hold that higher frequency within, that higher timeline that is available to us all at this time.

Today may be a good day to move the body if you are feeling the energy running within you or the mind is racing. There is many that have great ideas and creations but it is not the right time at this moment to act. It feels so very, very close. Know this is your guidance showing you to allow yourself to let all be within you, to honour yourself and allow the energies to settle within you. There is so much that each of us has been experiencing and moving through and there needs to be that soft stepped back integration space and processing time.

If you were one to rush around, if this was your default way of being, you/we are all being shown this isn’t and doesn’t have to be the way moving forward, more care and respect of the self and the heart, mind and body’s needs. This sees you process faster, integrate the learnings and embody all much quicker and easier, gentler.

You may feel the stirrings of wanting to do, to act start to rise within, just check in with your inner child and your heart if it is aligned and the right time or if you are to just feel this power rise and allow it to build without immediate action. You are feeling the changes and energies rearranging within you, finding their space within the space you have created by doing the healing, the clearing and releasing.

Keep holding love, keep doing you, for many are being asked at this time, as they are more than ready, to step out of the conditioning and ways of keeping small, the pleasing and conforming to others ideas of us and how we should be, whether family, partners, friends and own our power, shine as the sovereign being of Light you are. It may be baby steps but this is perfect as you step thoughtfully within both the heart and intuition.

Keep stepping forward for if you could only see how far you have come, how much you have shifted and how incredibly powerful, beautiful and magical a being you are. You are star light.

Much Love xxx

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