The Heart is Ready

23rd December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Nurture the flame within, the spark that is you, which is within every living thing, all connected, all One. Listen to your heart and what it needs, what is it calling for? Are you blocking it out and pushing through in your busyness and human need that feels getting things done is more important that being present, being aware of everything within you that is calling for your attention?

So many block out the heart, close it down, through pain or fear. Can you start or take time to acknowledge the beauty of your heart, your love, your magic within, connect with it. Place your hands on your heart and tell yourself you are loved, you are worthy and you are safe to open, little by little for some. Trust that you have the ability to navigate life with an open heart, that you now have the wisdom gained, the insight and the courage, strength and ever present Divine support to gentle gently open more to trust and listen to the whispers of your heart, your soul. Trust yourself, let the past go for it is just that.

I will be stepping back a bit from today for family time, for those that have received Higher Guidance Readings and Personal Codes over the last few years I am always available if you need support, email me or message me and I will get back to you when I can.I wish every one of you and your loved ones, your precious pets a safe and happy Christmas. Reach out to those you know are by themselves, check in, and if you are one of those open and receive from others if they reach out to you, know you are never truly alone.

Remember to take a pause and exhale completely before you react from your old ways if you encounter those people that ‘push your buttons’ over Christmas, we all have them! Offer love from your heart, be in your love, in your power and all will wash over you. Allow the words “I AM Peace, Light and Love” to be within your being, draw on your gained wisdom this year to make the right choices to either let it go, speak from your heart or walk away. You have complete control of your inner peace.

Much Love to you all and thank you for being the light, the love that each are within this little group space.

With gratitude, Lee xxx

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