The Beauty of Reflection

13th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is great power in reflection for it offers us deeper insight into our patterns, our beliefs what we do and don’t want to carry forwards or continue on with, it shows us what we have moved through, overcome, it shows us our joy, our pain, our courage, our love, what we may have or have not handled well. This week you may find yourself being taken back within dreams, thoughts, daydreams over experiences and relationships within your past. Just observe. For some that moment of reflection may feel very real, and you may feel to snap yourself out of it to bring yourself back to now, don’t be frightened if they are vivid, some of this is very old and comes through early childhood and the teenage years. Many may find they are the experiences where you felt unworthy, unloved, where another treated you badly or you treated yourself badly, there is no blame or shame here, it may bring up sadness, it’s okay, let it out, it is the release needed, the little threads detaching. Let it go and see the growth even if the energy (emotion) feels very real within you, breathe and let it go with love as best you can and if you feel you are able and ready to. All in your own time.

All at this time and this is very much a ‘theme’ for this entire year, is about taking those opportunities through what arises within to really learn more about ourselves, not to sink into it but to rise above it, blossom with and within it. Be aware of your needs and the body’s needs. Taking all the powerful wisdom gained through the last few years, the healing and actually putting this into waking practice in our day within our thoughts, words, actions, we are bringing it all together. Empowering ourselves by making choices that feel aligned that feel good, expansive. You feel the difference in your energy body, your physical body, your heart when you choose or act from an old belief system or program, the restriction is felt for the choice keeps you in a loop and not connected to your expansive nature.

Some days we are good at recognising ourselves and seeing as if from outside of ourselves what we do that’s not aligned with who and what we want to be and project in our lives. Some days we aren’t so good at it, we just don’t feel it, we feel disconnected, this is all a part of learning about yourself, knowing that no matter what you feel from one day to the next nothing is wrong and it wont stay that way. Your human experience won’t be all love and light and up all the time, perfect. You experience what you need to experience until you don’t need to anymore, then you move on to the next experience, we are always growing and evolving, and this is why our perception of things, our emotions is so important in creating our world. Some days we feel deflated because we are being asked to slow down and just be, go within. Some days your head may feel its racing and full, you can help yourself here by coming back into the heart, using the breath, grounding to centre and anchor your energy.

Be aware of the old beliefs that may surface when you feel a little flat or withdrawn that may bring up all those mistruths that speak of your unworthiness, your inability, your lack that can easily spiral and have you running bigger stories than necessary. A part of learning and understanding the self, greater awareness of self is learning how we work, where our energy is, what we may be interacting with and within, whether situation, person, place and how that is, or how we are allowing that to impact us energetically. What is actually yours and what is another’s, particularly sensitives and empaths, this is a big part of your learning. Use your tools, we all have ones that we know work for us better than others, no one knows you like you do for you are in your body. Use the breath, nature, water, meditation. Breathe in with intention peace, or love, or freedom and on the out breathe intend it to carry any old energy that is less than what you are bringing in, exhale it out deeply.

We are continuing to understand and learn the power we have in and over our lives, self-responsibility for our energy, our actions and the incredible power we have as creator beings to create and set intention for ourselves. We all have the ability to shift our energy, our perspective, our love.

Much Love xxx

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