Your Intuition is speaking to you

17th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Our connect with our already present knowing, our intuition is lighting up at present. Make space to step back from the busyness and listen, feel, connect. This is a natural ability we all have the more we can shut out the noise and ‘disconnect’ from the outer world the more we open to our true abilities to feel, sense, and receive through the higher realms, the higher self and Soul.

The more you have worked to gently action healthier boundaries for yourself and in doing so which also serve others whether they realise it or not, the more this weekend you may become aware of just what you accepted or allowed before you brough through this shift to better support yourself. We are being lovingly supported at this time to further let go of the past, feel it drifting further away, releasing from your systems as you are so ready and willing, you have been ready for a while to allow this natural drift, you have been doing the work around it, some of it hasn’t been all that comfortable or pleasant, some even confronting but your reward is release and greater freedom within your heart and mind. A renewed shift in your confidence and self-love, acceptance of yourself, your worthiness to love and be loved. Allow anything that comes as memories or little wisps of thought that float through your mind to be, smile and recognise with love what you are leaving behind. Eyes and heart directed forwards as you keep walking with commitment to your truth.

You are being reminded to see yourself as the incredible, luminous, Divine spark that you are, as Source/God/the Divine sees you. See the light of your Soul shining through every cell, every space within, every space between the spaces within you. Shine bright beautiful heart you got this; you are powering up, you have moved and shifted so much. There is such celebration coming in, there is a party going on in the higher realms as they rejoice with love at your opening and reconnection, reconnection to your powerful light and love that you are.

Keep stepping forward, give thanks and love to yourself for who you are now, who you are becoming and all you have been and to all you have left behind for all served. The wisdom and self-awareness you have gained is and will serve you well. Take a moment to connect with your heart, again bring the mind into the heart and join the two together in greater unity, be open to receive the insights available to you now.

Much Love dear hearts xxx

(Light Code – Third Eye Chakra – You can connect with it digitally from this post but it is not to be preproduced, downloaded, shared or copied (c) SoulLee Connected 2022)