Let Love Lead

3rd March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The deeper we connect with ourselves, the healthier a relationship we have with the self the better we are able to navigate whatever comes into our lives, we feel more stable and able, strongly held and rooted in our beliefs, truths and knowing. The relationship we have with ourselves IS the most valuable one, the most precious and many of us spend and have spent lifetimes uncovering who we are, working through what we have taken on as our own, consciously and unconsciously, other beliefs and perceptions of who we are, other opinions taken to heart as many of us are empathic and we feel ourselves and others deeply.

We continue the journey to strengthen and deepen our relationship we have with self we are all doing this by maintaining and redefining our boundaries where and when needed, removing ourselves from situations we know aren’t healthy, making changes and decisions that empower and expand us, for we are now able to see with greater clarity that which we have held in our lives and in some it has become blindingly obvious just doesn’t work. It is a process change, be patient with yourself, change will occur as if my ‘magic’ the more you deepen your connection with yourself, your self-love. It is a work in continual progress, and all done at our own individual paces. Remember there is no wrong in your personal growth, no time frame, we are all moving forwards, ever forwards and we are seeing the absolute beauty of who we are unveil and reveal evermore as we peel away and dissolve all that has masked us and held us from our powerful love, our freedom to be our authentic selves.

We cannot change another or make them do or be what we want them to, nor is it our job to, everyone is experiencing exactly what they need to for growth and learning, as said there are karmic ties playing out so if this is showing up within your relationships or dealings with others be true to yourself, be honest, let love lead and you allow yourself to dissolve and complete these cycles, you can’t change what another chooses just what you choose. When we hold love for ourselves and see ourselves as truly valued, worthy and always supported, which we are, all will unfold as it is meant to. You choose the part you play, let love lead for love will and is always the way. And love means that we have to stand up sometimes and allow ourselves to be heard within our relationships, it does not matter if the other person or persons do not or are not able to hear you for they can only understand and come from where they are at and that is okay, they create their own reality as do you, so let them do it.

Let love lead.

With absolute love to all xxx

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