Let go of Distraction

6th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are learning how to let go of all that distracts us from being more present that doesn’t fit anymore with who we are, who we are becoming, what we are working towards and drawing into our field of experience. So much in our lives has taken from and stopped our ability to really connect with what is present and going on within the self, how we are really feeling, what’s being shown to us and what the heart and inner child are communicating. Within the often busyness of life we are taken away from ourselves from our centre, some of this is staying put in old habits and routines, doing mindlessly without conscious awareness within the day all takes us out of ourselves, out of being present and connected, it separates.This is what we are learning to let go of and what you may be being shown, the distractions that are unhelpful, unnecessary, unserving so you can be more present, feel more connected to yourself and make space within.

The message of checking in with yourself within your day to notice where your thoughts are, what are they focused on for that is where you energy and attention is being led. Try to let go of what isn’t yours to hold that may be that of the Collective. Even clear (sage or what you prefer to use) your field, your car, your house. The past is calling to be released bring it back in to yourself so you can be present with what you are being shown at this time. The old memories, people, places, and situations that are revisiting you, whether in the physical, dream space or mind are showing you what is ready to leave, to change and shift what you are done with as well as what is being released. So you can help this process along by being with it, within it but not sinking too deeply into it emotionally and allowing the personality, the mind, ego to take over and make it all too vivid in your mind, make it too present, it’s the past showing you what you don’t need to hang on to and what you are either still processing and learning to do (react/act) differently, but also how far you have shifted and risen above, wisdom gained and so what you also won’t allow again or have play out that same way. All is coming forth so you can see just how much you have let go of, healed, released and risen above. Feel the magic of you beautiful being.

We are all within a deep process at this time and it will feel and look different for everyone. Remember all is serving you, remember there is no wrong or right way it is deeply personal and unique to you. Support yourself with kindness as well as others where you are able. You are embracing your light, your divinity and connection with Soul in expanded and more empowered ways. Your realisations are being amplified. Keep your focus on your heart, keep thanking the mind for its thoughts but ask that is runs all through the heart as you embrace greater heart-mind unity and love.

Much Love xxx

Light Code – Release Fear – Light is always present within All – SoulLee Connected (c) 2022