Honesty, Responsibility & Flowing in Spaciousness

5th September 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

That message that often feels harsh as it can trigger but remember all does come through for us with absolute love for it is all to serve our forward movement to open to the greater love that we are as the triggers arise as invitation to create greater freedom within, to allow and let love in. It speaks of where we are not yet willing or yet in a space that we are able to fully acknowledge and hold ourselves accountable, take full responsibility for certain aspects of our lives and how this is perhaps the block or the missing piece that can be keeping some within what feels a holding pattern or what feels stuckness/restriction. Particularly where we hold blame and judgement of others for something, whether it be our unhappiness, frustration, anger, as cause of a situation we find ourselves within. Where we have not yet dived into the truth that sits ready within our hearts to be uncovered which has been calling for some time to be acknowledged, it has been waiting to welcome you back to greater freedom and peace, to greater love. Patiently waiting our readiness to open to a new heart/mind perspective a new awareness which is found within surrender and openness to compassion.

It is all about being open and willing to become more responsible for what we are creating for ourselves, and what we are choosing to hold on to and thus have continue to exist internally and externally. If you are finding a situation is recurring, find yourself rolling around within the same patterns of thinking and words being expressed is it time to have a look at it from a space of complete openness and love, from being absolutely willing to be honest, take accountability and own your part whilst holding compassion and willingness to explore deeper forgiveness whether for yourself or another so you can move on a little, create space and open to your expanding freedom within. Sometimes it is the smallest of things that are the biggest pieces awaiting recognition that then fall into place and we are then able to open the door a little to a beautiful new way of being, a freedom deeply felt within the heart and all the body’s systems. The release is magical. What needs to be let go of, what are you ready to acknowledge more or what is not yours to hold, how can you clean things up a little and create space, welcome greater freedom?

For many at this time this week may feel muddy, heavy in many ways, it may seem to change from one moment to the next (as said in yesterday’s message), you may see it playing out within others clearly, within the mental, emotional and physical body, all is well. Continue to hold a space of love, allowance and observance of all that presents, do for you what supports and holds a space of love and kindness for yourself. Continue to hold love as you move through it, it will pass. Repeat – It will pass.

Whatever is arising within dreams, which may be showing up as people from the past from so long ago, relationships those experiences that you haven’t thought of in so long you can’t even remember when you last even did, instances within moments in time spanning right back to childhood are coming up. See these as moments to acknowledge no matter how weird it may seem to the logical mind or uncomfortable emotionally, as areas that you are invited to bring in greater forgiveness and compassion for yourself, just acknowledge them and let them go as they may still hold a little emotional thread/charge. Allow and release, not attach.

Continue to let go of and make changes around (small steps) what you have been guided to, you know already. Your potential to take action (when aligned) is supported energetically this month as you continue to work on letting go you are creating beautiful space. This space is not to be instantly filled with something but for you to feel the newness of the openness and freedom created, to feel the space, be present within it. So when something feels aligned then you can welcome it into that space, things are forming and taking shape. Patience may be called for as we are continually asked to not force things or act for the sake of it, from the head and old ways of needing to control and fill the unfamiliar, or uncomfortabless of space. The space is your freedom you are creating and it will attract to you that which is next ready and aligned, be patient and trust this. This is all about flowing and getting comfortable being in a flow state not force. Embrace and love the endings and open and embrace the beginnings that are present this month as they present in their right time for you.

Much Love xxx