All IS supporting you

12th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

“Trust Dear Hearts, trust the timing in all things. Allow yourself to release the push, the pull the fight within your minds, your hearts for all that you are to connect with you will, you will not miss out or be passed by, what is meant to be for you will be. Trust all supports you especially so when it feels the opposite. There is timing at play in all unfolding, be at ease with this.”

As we are being called to keep reassessing all we currently have now and what we are looking to bring in to our lives, as we keep bravely and boldly stepping forth with open hearts, walking in connectedness with the intuition and hearts wisdom, our higher knowing, opening to make space within our lives for things that feel good, that fill us up instead of deplete or drain us, that align with joy and purpose on our path forwards. For this is what we want to create in our worlds, greater connection to joy, feel the expansiveness that we are, the openness within our beings, freedom and space within.

We continue to create freedom within as we commit to letting go of what is ready, as it rises within triggers and frustrations, overpouring of emotions, however it surfaces, this means facing and not avoiding what we know in our hearts isn’t working, what we know in our hearts needs to come into a space of balance, peace, serving from love. Small steps Dear Hearts. Why does it rise you know why for it no longer has a comfortable space to be, you have outgrown it, you are ready to move past it, you are ready to take action for you are so very done with the old attachments that don’t sit in love.

Completions, endings have been many lately, a lot you will have witnessed whether in physical form in your reality and that of the world, or within yourself as the natural shifts and changes take place, all working to open you to connect with new opportunity, the world opening to newness, the new beginnings that blossom from the endings. A lot of transitioning taking place before your new cycles can begin. A lot of what is transpiring is taking place is preparing you to walk into the new year from a much stronger, more grounded, heart opened, peaceful place.

If you have been finding it a struggle recently, feeling the intensity emotionally that this month has been so far, and find that you are not feeling you are able to let go of some of the old beliefs and patterning, those habits just yet that don’t serve and support you, go gently. It is all okay again all in its right timing, trust this. Connect back to those things that help you and I know that it can be hard to find motivation or even the energy or desire to meditate, to be still, to connect to yourself and your light, divine light, walk or keep your water up but these are the times were you have to try to push yourself to take time out and allow the space needed, even for just ten minutes a day to just sit and be, breathe and connect in to your heart space. Call forth Divine Light and fill yourself up. It will pass, a lot is occurring but you are actually doing so incredibly well as you are moving through the detangling and dissolving of some really big old belief systems and karmic contracts coming to completion.

Much Love xxx

(Rose image taken by me at Kings Park, Perth, Western Australia)