You are doing it!

3rd June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are so supported at this time that we literally have waves of powerful energy lifting us up so we can better connect with our dreams, our ideas and the higher visions we have for ourselves. Again the message of just how much you have learned about yourself and how much the work you have done the action steps you have applied to all areas of your life is really starting to take root. You are doing it don’t doubt yourself keep going, keep recognising where you fall back into the old stories and beliefs about yourself or your ability to trust you can and are making sustainable changes and see them for what they are mistruths and limiting beliefs that you have carried. Keep rising above, be aware, self-aware and make choice to send these thoughts away in love. Yes you may have to keep sending them off a hundred times but each time you are making choice to choose to hold trust and love over fear.

Keep out of comparison and judgements, love the self-critic for showing you where you still need to work on loving yourself more. If you look inside of yourself and see what has been clearing and shifting you would be amazed, its just you cant and so you may be a bit hard on yourself at times or doubt the work you have been putting in is actually amounting to anything. It occurs from the inside out it is a process an ever evolving process that you are and for some of you big things are taking place that are opening those doors as you have realised the power you hold to make the choices necessary to change your life. You are emerging! All the work you have been doing and all the experiences you have been within are all leading you to reclaim your power, to see yourself for the magic that you are. All working to serve you to bring you back to greater levels of love, bring you back to yourself. All you have been travelling through is having a huge impact within you, again allow the process all is working for you, especially when it feels it isn’t! Some of you may be connecting to or sensing/feeling that a subtle shift has taken place within you one that you can’t quite put your finger on or get your mind or words around. A rising of greater confidence and trust within you, not just in your mind but your entire being is changing, your light body is expanding as you open to greater love and self-awareness of who you are.

Much Love xxx

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