Walking in Presence

26th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The image that is being given this morning is one of the human, the personality working closely connected with the Soul. And of course it is always connected however this is about bringing in your souls wisdom to walk hand in hand throughout your day, to walk within greater awareness and open connection to your Souls messages and presence. This is about being conscious of everything and yes while we are conscious beings what I mean by this is being conscious, really present within the choices decisions, actions words, all we do within our day, so we then walk with the Soul, with the souls wisdom within every breath, we make our choices with presence.

Let go, let go of anything that is feeling a struggle, notice where you are still trying to hold on to or control something or someone, the outcome or experience that is presenting for you. When we hold tight to what ‘we’ think is right we block off what the Universe is trying to steer us to or have us seen. Hand it over, it is time to trust and this can be very hard for some, especially for those that feel they have had their trust broken, that feel that they have trusted and thigs haven’t worked out for them more than they have. This is the learning as your Soul calls you to trust again, and again, come back to your faith, trust that it knows what it is doing and your experiences are all for your growth. Beloved can you hand it over just a little bit more, can you open your heart to trust just a little bit wider than you have felt possible? It may feel a push and if it does they show bringing in the breath, use the breath (breath work) as this is going to allow the body to start to let go, they show this is a way to soothe and allow the body to release. When the body is ready to let go and relax from holding on you are better able to communicate with your heart and allow the heart to feel a sense of safety. There is a deep breath here for those that feel this, the tension in the body, the restriction ready to be expelled by consciously announcing you are ready to trust, trust yourself, trust others and trust that the Universe has your back, that you will be okay. Is it time to open to love and allow the heart to expand, to allow yourself to receive?

Keep seeing the growth within yourself, the changes within you where you don’t react the same way, you don’t think the same way within situations, do you feel a greater sense of compassion, of hope, of forgiveness, of connection? One day to the next can feel and seem different, there is so much happening within and around us energetically, collectively, don’t judge yourself or your experience if one day feels more intense, harder than the one before, all is well. Keep untangling yourself from being involved in drama, in situations that you have learned from, you won’t repeat the stories for you see from a higher perspective, your feel different, you walk within a greater Soul perspective. Be present and keep honouring your path.

Much Love xxx

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