All is Well in the Void Space

22nd August 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

A reminder that it is totally normal to question where you are at especially when you find yourself being brought within to a space of reflection, an introverted state, it is also a very necessary space. Within this space it can be easy to allow or feed the creation of fear-based emotions and thoughts as it can be easy to get wrapped up within the personality’s creation of story, illusion and illumination of limiting beliefs held, recall of past experiences that say there is something wrong, that there is something to be fixed. This is where the human can then feel it needs to seek control as it feels out of control in attempt to bring back a state of balance within as the personality, the ego doesn’t like ‘feeling’. They stop the message flow there at the word ‘feeling’ and wish to put a full stop right after as that is it in a nutshell, many of us don’t like ‘feeling’ the ‘other’ emotions, the ones that feel far removed or far away from joyfulness, lightness grounded knowing and certainty. Our insecurities can easily arise within the space of the void as we feel our foundation has been unsettled.

The truth is the space that feels an in-between or a void space can feel challenging yes, it can feel vulnerable (this is the challenge for many) when a little or a lot feels unanchored which most of us don’t like too much and which speaks to our need to control to feel secure/safe. It is our programming triggering us. However this space allows us to reach further, deeper into the inner self where we can truly find ourselves and receive profound insights into not only the human but the Divine human and your Divine connection to All.

So if things feel a little uncertain or you find yourself in a space of not feeling really sure about the ideas, the goals, the projects, the direction of your life you once had, or your grasp of it, be aware of what the mind is creating from/through emotion be aware of the stories and the narrative you are feeding and try to find peace within it by seeing it for what it truly is. Know this space is magical, know this is the work to allow, to be, not react or create from old programs and conditioning. This space that can often feel unsettling emotionally is one we can find ourselves experiencing when there has been a lot stripped away, where there has been a lot of breaking down and dissolving of old beliefs as you are creating a newer version of self, it is the space needed for you to be within as all integrates rearranges and settles. See the beauty of this space and your opportunity to recognise it as a powerful time to flow, BE and allow with an open heart.

This is your call to be present, for in presence you are focused on what it is you are choosing, where you are choosing to be and do, aware of your emotions, you feel all within the moment that is rich for you, all it has to offer. Presence is being in your power. Open your heart for when you make conscious choice to move through life from your heart it will shine light on the shadow and truths will be revealed to you. You are within a massive time of heart awakening, expansion of your ability as a divine human to walk within love, to know yourself as love and all that is less than is slowly brought to the light to be seen, healed and brought into love, acceptance and understanding/wisdom.

The journey continues, see and know the magic that is present within every-thing. Release resistance, judgement and control and open to allowing, BEing and you open to the magic in each moment available to you.

The Guinea Pig comes through for us today, the card of love, a reminder that you are love, to allow love to flow through your heart to all and in turn you receive love. There is nothing else to do. Just be Love, just be you for you are love at your core.

Much Love to all xxx

(Card image courtesy of Archangel Animal by Diana Cooper)