Allowing & Flowing = FREEDOM within

14th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Allowing and flowing rather than reacting or responding, feeling the need to trying to work it all out or over analyse how you may be feeling comes through as we continue to dive deeper into ourselves. We are learning to own our feelings without attaching too deeply to the old stories that we may have attached to them. Being aware of when our thoughts are not supporting or helping us to move through and past certain situations and experiences with others that keep us within a loop. Awareness to what the mind is creating that blocks our ability to hear our heart speaking.

There is a lot of karmic clearing at play so whatever is coming up for you within your experiences and interactions with others just notice where your thoughts are focused and the stories that arise that are not supporting forward movement or resolution. See where you are not supporting yourself to progress.

There has been such a powerful moving energy present this month that has been supporting us to step up and own, recognise the power we individually hold to make change, to do for ourselves and rise within love. Guiding us to really acknowledge who we are and to look to see the bigger picture within all, be aware of the ‘themes’ that are playing out within our individual lives so we can move through the learnings with greater ease and reap the growth and the gifts being offered to us within every experience. Being more aware of keeping the labels of good or bad, right or wrong the human self wants to place on all of our experiences and to come back to allowing, flowing, dropping the mind into the heart and trusting the process, trusting in our unique process.

We are within a powerful time of clearing, don’t be afraid if you are taken into the deeper layers of the self, trust the process and keep seeking to choose from love within any experience. Do your best to choose to not react or respond from within the old, outdated ways that you know don’t serve you, from the wounding’s attached to the old stories that keep you within the same cycles and themes. Release the need to control or steer things to be a certain way whether outcome or another and welcome in the freedom of flowing in trust.

Much Love xxx

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