Greater Awareness – Slow it Down

3rd April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are being guided to be done with putting everyone else first and to start to actually do for the self, we have been getting better at it as we become more aware of where and on what we give our energy, time and heart to and if it separates us from our self or serves us. To find a greater balance within the feminine and masculine aspects of the self so we feel able to express our needs and wants our hearts desires but in such a way that we speak from the heart and no so much the impulsive or reactionary mind. Allowing the two to unite and work together to support each other rather than the mental dominance we are used to operating in. Slowing it down we are better able to be present within our being so we take time to pause and express by dropping into the heart and this is going to really help within our close relationships especially if you are working on bringing in more harmony to your family life, partnerships/relationships. It is our growing self-awareness that is helping us stay on a better more productive and purposeful heart serving pathway.

Make it practice when you feel the mind spinning out with thoughts or feeling overrun and take a moment to really acknowledge what those thoughts are, where they stem from. What are they showing you and how it is most likely they are not serving you best in this moment. Try asking yourself, your heart, what it is you are actually needing in this moment instead. Especially if you notice they are repetitive thoughts that are replaying past hurts and experiences (repeating thoughts usually are), the what ifs, the whys around your own or another’s actions and words.What will serve you best in this moment? What can you do for yourself that allows you to come back into harmony, into peace, to align with what is right for you, that serves and nourishes you?

This month is one that will see some really beautiful breakthroughs, some powerful insights incoming for many. Some will feel ready to step up that bit further, to step out and be seen in their authenticity for they have gained the confidence to shine having been through a time of much deep healing, particular around your soul purpose pathway. Many will feel called to step into their leadership roles or feel inspired to step even further into what they have been creativity guided. The leaders are being called up to be seen, as those newly awakening and awakening further to themselves are ready and seeking assistance for they too feel the calling within to expand and explore who they are, to come back to themselves.

There may be forms of resistance felt at the start of this month as things rise up to be illuminated especially around that which we have been ignoring or thinking we can get away with, where we are a little too comfortable and so not allowing ourselves to shift and evolve shift into higher levels of consciousness. All in time however, exactly where you are is perfect, know this, trust this, you are exactly where you need to be, keep your heart open, keep shining beautiful lights.

With Love xxx

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