Let go & Do you

21st December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Nurture yourself, love yourself, all the parts of you, especially the ones that you haven’t been able to find love within, that you haven’t grown to love and may see as needing to change.

Take time today to go within, five minutes to bring in love. Centre yourself, come into the body with a few deep breathes, eyes closed, hands on your heart. Call on the power, the light of Divine love, ask it to fill you up. See it, sense, it imagine it (and if you can or can’t do this just trust that it is) the Light of the Divine heart streaming down through your crown (top of your head) see it entering your head and filling every cell of your being, every muscle, tissue, bone, every space and space in-between the spaces, all of you. Make it practice to bring in love to fill you every day.

And the messages that now come – Remember not everyone is going to think, feel and act how you do or how you would like them to, let it go, allow others to be and don’t entwine yourself in anyone’s drama. Stay in your own lane and walk the path of peace. You have shifted and thus too have some of your attitudes, opinions and beliefs so whether you find another person or situation difficult to be around, hard to listen to as you don’t align with them anymore, shift into your heart and out of your heart and it’s want to fix or fight things, just allow and stay in your higher vibration. Keep your boundaries in place or adjust them, with love, if you are being shown they need to shift. Remember you don’t have to be, act or think how someone else wants you to, just be true to you, in love. Your own needs may be front and centre within you at this time as the work you have done on self-love takes root and this may create ripples in your outer world as this is trying to be honoured but fit within the same outer reality and it may take some adjusting within relationships. All can be done in love, open hearted conversation and honouring your personal boundaries. Stand in your truth and speak from the heart.

Its time to really let go of any attachments you may have to old ideas and old plans that you haven’t been able to bring to form, whether personal or business wise. Let the regrets go, the sadness at the unfulfilled that you held. Let go and you then invite in the energy of the new, you allow space to make way for the newer possibilities awaiting you.

Much Love xxx

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