All is Shifting In The Right Direction

24th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The messages of being more aware of the self, being accountable and taking greater honest responsibility within all thoughts, actions and words has been coming through for quite some time now, but this is what we are stepping into in greater and greater more profound ways, real awareness of the self, self-mastery. All is bringing you back into your power and the truth of what are who you are.

We are being lovingly guided to listen to our hearts, to let the heart and the Soul lead, to walk as the human we are but deeply connected and aware of the Soul self, we are coming into greater heart-mind unity so we better flow and act from love, from a space of inner peace (it’s a process)  regardless of the outer world. Rather than act completely from the mind, from pressure, fear, or the ego. We are finding a beautiful balance that serves us.

Some of you may feel you are leaving parts of you, the you you have felt familiar within for so long if not your entire life, behind. You are changing as your awareness and willingness to let things go, the  past go, heal and free yourself from all that covers your powerful light. You are opening to a more authentic you, a you that feels bolder, does feel more capable and able of those things that you never thought you would be, or saw yourself be able to. Dreams are not just dreams.

You are gaining momentum and this may cause you to at times feel resistance, a little avoidance may spring in here and there. Its okay this is the hesitation as things are changing, you see and can really sense the new, whether it is forming and visible or it is just a sense of something around you, within you. Take a breath and step boldly forward, step into your trust, see yourself step into and wrap around you a cloak of trust. Its funny as for some of you I see you stepped into the cloak but there is also a crown that is being straightened on your head, the head held high and you are on fire, you are feeling your power. Your sense of the power within you and capacity to love, your connection to all has heightened. The old paradigms are being let go of as you are actively changing and rewriting them and this is occurring through everyone. Powerful things are occurring in all of us, own it.

A little last pop in – if you find situations arise with another just have a look and see what is being reflected to you within this, you get to choose here, do you play out the old behaviour or pattern or choose anew, choose different? This comes as a gift for it is opportunity to choose who and how you are, who you wish to be within it. This is you rewriting your story.

Much Love to all xxx

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