Let go with Love

18th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

You may be trying to get things done today but keep finding yourself distracted so just watch any frustrations that may rise up around this. If it does, help yourself by going with the flow perhaps it is not the day to get it all done. Go with the flow and how it is unfolding for you, take the pressure off.

We are continuing to let the past go with love, keep releasing, allow the body, the mind, the emotions to detach and let go, allow all the feels knowing all is perfect. Release any pain you have held onto, give your body permission to let go what it has been holding for you, you don’t need to dive into it, revisit it just let the body know you are ready to release. Thank it for trying to protect you by holding on to the old ways but tell it you are ready for a newer, brighter and more joyful experience. Tell it it is safe to let go, for it is. Sometimes we can hold on subconsciously as we don’t know who we would be without the pain, the stories, the routines we are so familiar with. Tell your body, your heart that you are safe to let it go. Trust this.

Much Love xxx

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