19th September 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

You may feel the call of the body, of the heart and the want of the mind to come within, to find a little peace and quiet today. Time to receive for the self. Spending a little time in stillness and connection with your heart, the Light within which is always in direct connection with the Higher Self, Source Love may reveal deeper insights into questions that have been cycling around your mind and about what you are experiencing at the moment. There are messages and information to be received in the quietness of allowing space to just be present with yourself and nothing else outside distracting you.

The body may be showing you where it is needing attention where it has been holding on to trauma, tend to its needs with outside help in the form of acupuncture, cupping, physiotherapy or other where needed to assist the physical release. Gut health may be coming up in the form of digestive issues that have been brushed over, emotions yet to be given space. All a part of self-care to support the physical body as it moves through the big shifts we have been and continue to move within. If your body is talking to you listen, stay out of fear and tend to what it needs, if you are not sure go within and ask it ask to be shown or guided to the right path, information, practitioner. Its not just all about the light within for it is the physical body that needs care and to be maintained as it houses our light and allows us to have this earth experience. Many have focused on the inner and connecting with the higher realms which is beautiful space to be absolutely but the physical is calling to come into balance as we are walking the physical journey as Light7.

Remember no matter where you are it is perfect for you, it truly is no matter what it looks like, try not to judge things as they are able to change from one moment to the next and your perception is powerful in creation. So allow your emotions with gentleness, allow the period of what feels gestation, allow the holding space that may feel confusing, allow the dreams space to be, allow joy, embody trust, all is well. Find your space of peace within whatever you are within, just do your best to flow within it and with it, this is how you bring in ease to the process. You may have felt you have taken a few steps forward possibly towards a dream long held and now you feel like you don’t know what ways up, you may be traveling through some really big emotions that are pulling a lot of really old experiences up. Again all is well allow, find a place of peace within it, some days you do better at it than others but keep moving forwards gently, softly as you progress always forwards through what you individually need to at this time. Don’t compare yourself to another or another’s path. You are incomparable to anyone else. There is a lot bubbling away, yes new beginnings, opening, possibilities are all swirling, they never went anywhere it may just not feel it today or in this moment, this will shift and change, try not to focus too much on how you feel or what’s going on but work to find balance and peace within. Gentleness, tenderness dear hearts. Big energies today, those that feel may be feeling it as waves in and out. Give to yourself.

Much Love xxx