Head over Trust?

30th August 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

’Brain/head feeling a bit full today, got a lot running around in the mental mind? Take a step back and ease up on yourself don’t push to get all the things done you feel obligated to do or at least look at what is really necessary and what can actually be left to another day. What part of your mind is filled with that which is ‘outside’ of the self, not your responsibility, physically, mentally or emotionally to carry, what things have you allowed to come in and take up space?Time to let some things slide and detach that little bit more, ease up on what is distracting you, social media, news.

Step back and allow yourself a recharge, time to come back in to the heart.Patience and trusting the timing, the bigger picture for your own path and that of the world at large. Greater trust is being asked of us no matter how we are feeling, what we are experiencing, trusting that all really is okay, all will be okay. Our one constant is change things are always shifting and moving and what looks one way now today may look completely different in the next. Remember the power you have, the part you play to make change and shape your reality, or at least how you are allowing yourself to feel within it all. No one can ‘make’ you feel a certain way unless you allow it to affect your inner world in that way, and if it does be kind, acknowledge how you feel, allow it to move through you and process however that looks.

Nothing is wrong or right remember non judgement of the self. If you are having an emotional day that is perfectly, absolutely okay. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with how you feel ever, it is just your perception and label of it. Spirit sees all as valuable to the being, to growth and this is how we are asked to view it, from a higher perspective, in love.Rise above, keep trusting the path as the beautiful powerful, magical creator being you are. Keep opening to trust as we are called to see things from a higher perspective and not be limited to the mental mind. Bring in and connect to your heart, your wisdom and faith to see what is actually occurring rather than what you ‘think’ is occurring for you. Seek the wisdom you hold within.

Much Love xxx

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