Release & Invite Peace

12th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

“Is your mind overthinking everything at this time Dear Heart, it is natural and is human particularly when so much seems to be occurring, shifting, rearranging and releasing in your world, which it is, to be disconnected from the heart, from love. Slow it all down and come back to being present within your heart, your peace, bring all your thoughts, your fears, your doubts to sit in the stillness and love of your heart and call on me Archangel Michael and I will take from you what you cannot hold, all you need do is to ask for my assistance and it is so.”

Patience is calling us, release control, release the expectations you have of yourself, how ‘you’ feel you should be feeling at this time, where you feel you should be, wat you feel you should have got done, let the pressures and the outcomes go for this allows you to take the pressure off the nervous system and the physical body, all your being, to come into greater flow, greater peaceful flow within your day. You make space to just be, to be the peaceful love you are. Keep bringing yourself back to this space, be aware of yourself within the day.

The physical body is speaking, check in with it. How are you holding your shoulders, your jaw, can you see where you are holding tension in your body? There is a short audio in ‘Files’ within the SoulLee Connected Heart Channelled Guidance Facebook Group, link found on home page) – ‘’Short Physical Body Light Flush” (with the birds in the background).

Have a beautiful day xxx

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