Heightened Emotions

19th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Things may feel heightened today, your emotions, whether you are feeling withdrawn, wanting to be alone, or you are feeling frustration boil over, feel a little agitated or irritated by things in your personal world, things you have to do, the people around you, this always comes in with those closest to us. Perhaps it is the rise of frustration around the balance in your doing and what you are actually receiving, the imbalances showing around support or feeling lack of support are being highlighted big time and so frustration and annoyance rise. You may be feeling these energies completely differently and feel to cocoon, you feel drawn within, introspective rather than feeling you are projecting them outwards.

No matter what you feel all is again okay, breathe, stop and take a moment to just close your eyes count to 30. Just breathe and slow it down, keep coming back to this within your day if you need to as this resets you. See, sense, feel your energy running down through you feet into the earth, ask the Earth Mother to hold you, to balance, stabilise and ground you… and then let it go, let it all go.

How well you are able to surrender and flow with what is present within you will determine the effect on you of that which is outside of you. Bring it back to peace, flow and the breath. When you feel a rise of emotion no matter what it is or how it looks or feels from within, stop and exhale a long slow breath outwards, feel that energy, for all is energy, emotions are just energy, being exhaled and leaving your body.

It will pass and how well you are able to surrender, not judge it as right or wrong, good or bad, it just is will see you move through it with much more ease and grace. Remember all works to propel you forwards, all is working for you, you are never going backwards, ever.

With Love, Lee xxx

(Image courtesy of freepik.com)