Welcome the Newness Arising Within You

25th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep your focus and energy on the new, there feels an internal change has taken place for many, like a light bulb or switch has been flicked and you realise just how much you have indeed changed since the beginning of this year already. Hold your commitment to yourself, your path and forward empowerment. Acknowledge yourself and the incredible job you have been doing on all levels as you have been doing the inner work which is allowing the shifting of the old paradigms. You ARE creating your new, acknowledge yourself and this change, it is continued change and you hold the energy of newness within your being, you anchor it. It has power, it is your power.

You may be finding that you are ready to speak honestly, to open yourself further, to be bold and express within your close relationships for the betterment of all. No longer are you feeling able to live and do against what you know is not right or aligned for you, that does not serve everyone in love, but first off yourself. This may be the time or it is very close coming, you are just about there for some and this is huge as you are finally honouring yourself and feeling okay to be open and vulnerable, to speak up, whereas you haven’t been able to up until this point. You are creating powerful change for yourself. This is the shift being shown within you, the shift to love and honour not only you but all within your world. You will start if not already to feel and see this playing out from your inner being, your personality in different forms within your life. Your ability to give and receive love is changing as the heart is opening further.

Focus on the beauty you are creating, the new world you are creating for yourself, it is the same world but you are living within it in a different space, a different vibration so all is coming into newness. All is changing for the better, keep going precious ones.

A Little Pop in – You may receive a message or insight today, an intuitive nudge or clear sign which gives you the go ahead in something you may have been unsure of, you may have been questioning or procrastinating on. You are being directed.

Much Love xxx

Image courtesy of Pixelstalk.net