You are Emerging

20th May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The power held within each intention, choice, expression, action, within each moment is propelling your rapid shift forwards. All that you choose in your now, whether it is a thought, action or expression is vibration, it holds its own vibration. You are becoming more and more aware of the power you hold, the power of the vibration you emit, create, BE and how that is shaping and shifting your future, your future now.

On a physical level the body may have been feeling the adjustments occurring, particularly the head, the neck, the heart, third eye have all been within change. The body has needed to be listened to as areas that may have physical weakness may have been illuminated for you. A time called to really step up and give your physical self what it needs as it continues to work with and process the high frequency light it is receiving.

Continuing to seek to hold a state of peacefulness and ease within, to hold a space that is solid in boundaries and to maintain a vibration of love in times that the outer reality may feel chaotic, or triggering will see you continue to navigate these times of deep change with more ease. The beauty, the peace, the ease is already present, it is already within you, seek within not outside of yourself. Seek the harmony present within your heart centre, your ever-present connection through the heart with the Light that you are and are of, of Source. BE from this space of Love, bring the head when it is full through the throat and into the heart, allow it to be soothed and supported with the Light the heart holds.

Love the you that continues to emerge anew, all that you have shifted through the last few months, the results of all the growth and learning that you have moved through within your experiences and that has risen from within will become more known/felt. You may not be able to place a finger on it or fully consciously understand it but you ‘feel it within’, you feel different in many ways as you emerge in newness, greater openness and expansiveness from within, this is the freedom you have been creating. You have wanted change, you have wanted more for yourself and your life, and the changes that you have navigated, the learnings and your continued resolve to walk in love (as best you can) within all that has arisen for you will start to see shifts in your outer reality. Grasp the opportunities, explore and remain curious by all that arises, follow the breadcrumbs and the insights and messages that are given, allow your creativity, your unique expression to be free.

Much Love to all xxx

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