Keep Expanding

29th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep allowing yourself to be in a space of openness, receptivity, fully focused and present with yourself as you on moving ahead. The energies at this time are working to assist and support you to connect with a greater depth of confidence so you fee inspired and more able to act on those new beginnings that are presenting for you. Keep stepping forward with your positive intention and focus ahead. Keep taking steps that align with your heart and intuitive knowing, your gut feel, those that feel really right for you, keep choosing to make those positive changes.

Follow where your heart and soul are guiding you and keep letting go of the old feelings attached to anywhere you have felt that you have had to fit in with anyone else’s ideas and ideals of who they think you should be and trust yourself. All is supporting you to be bold and be true to you, be authentically you, this is creating freedom. Further awakening you to really feel and see that you can move outside of the box or the comfort zone you have placed yourself in, who you thought you had to be or even thought you were and keep expanding it, keep pushing it out, keep exploring and pushing out those barriers. Explore your limitlessness, your expansiveness.

Much Love xxx

(Image credit unknown)