Are you in Resistance?

15th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

“You are exactly where you need to be”. We all seem to ‘know’ this on some level but still not feel all that happy about where we may be as our human emotions and thoughts seem to override this knowing more times than not, at certain times particularly the times of struggle. Spirits message today is to hold tight to your faith your trust and keep your beautiful heart open as a new way of living IS, and they repeat IS, emerging for you, some may feel within it, some may feel far from it, all is okay, it takes time to detach and fully release as you work to let go of that which keeps you in a space of limitation, to detach and rewrite those deeply rooted old habitual, conditioned ways of being, doing. Comparing yourself to others and feeling you lack in some way or are not enough. Trust deeply trust the process of all you have been navigating all that has been arising is truly to help propel you forwards; some may feel they are being fast tracked through their ‘stuff’ so it may feel a lot at times but you are doing some powerful work dear heart. All IS creating such beautiful change within and you will if not yet start to feel it within your being, your core as your expanded self radiates forth.

The mind and its limiting thoughts can keep us from truly trusting that all is unfolding as it is meant to, look for the little gems, the joy, the love within the smallest of things, open your eyes and see the beauty that is within so much that can be missed. Look for the beauty and you find more beauty in your world; hold a heart of gratefulness and you will see more to be grateful for. All can feel hard to do when you are within the uncomfortable but do your best to keep reminding yourself of your powerful heart, your powerful light, who you truly are, drawn on this strength.

Remember as came through yesterday the power of what you are choosing to radiate and attract to you. You do have the strength, the courage, the determination and willpower, dig deep and choose to find the beauty, to find what there is to be grateful for. Drop into your heart and spend a few moments within, breathe and release on your exhale, slow it all down. You can keep resetting yourself within your day, again self-awareness and choice. Do the best you can that is all you have to do, you are enough.

Resistance is being highlighted as something that may be causing little on and off feelings of things not being as they should, a little flatness or lostness for some, again don’t dive into it all is okay but do look to see if you are fighting against the natural flow of things, being stubborn or holding resistance to something that wants to be. Are you just resisting slowing it down and being okay with being in peaceful flow? This space can feel discombobulating a little weird and ‘wrong’ even to those that have been list makers, those that have been conditioned by parents to ‘do’ achieve or they don’t feel they are of value or have wasted time. This is a part of old conditioning and programming. It is great to do yes but there is a new way of being that is doing but within such beautiful peaceful flow. Still doing what you need to but really listening to what you want, what you truly need, do you really need it or have to do it or is the mind telling you that you do? Opening to flow and living from the heart can be so extremely opposite of how so many of us have moved through our entire lives, we are literally rewriting everything, creating an entire new way of being, it takes time, trust it all.

Trust yourself recognise those unhelpful thoughts, that which do sit in limitation, lack, doubt, fear and cancel them out, stop yourself, reset, come back into the heart, hand on your heart and say “I (your name) choose love, I release now any attachments I have to fear that hold me back from seeing and seeking my truest potential and living a life of joy. It is so”. You ARE an eternal being of light, drink this knowing in to your very Soul, Soul is guiding you, trust this.

The cards that have been received are perfectly aligned.

Much love xxx

(Card images courtesy of Sacred Traveller Oracle by Denise Linn)