Celebrate how far you have come ~ again and again, with gratitude.

26th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As we further clear outdated patterns in the etheric body and we allow ourselves to let go that little bit more of those unmet expectations, loss, the disappointments, deep changes are taking place within your cells. Your values, beliefs, way of thinking has changed, your perspective of yourself, the world, others has changed, it has risen as you are anchoring more within your true essence, that is love. As the ego is stripped back more and more this magical greater self-awareness has emerged, is emerging. As you are able to receive the higher frequencies of light available to you your understanding that the self is (we are) light, we are Source light in human form, we are co-creators expands. As we shift into higher dimensions of awareness and are able to access and hold higher frequency light we are more able to connect to the higher mind, the I AM presence integrates more fully into our energy body and consciousness. This has effect on our interactions with all in our life and all of life.

Again the message of celebrating how far you have come, what you have travelled through you will not yet be able to see all the outcomes of everything that has occurred but hold gratitude in your heart for all you are, all you have been and all you are yet to become. Gratitude is the key. Your dedication to step forward, to expand, to open, is acknowledge, it is seen and it is celebrated.

Allow yourself to keep integrating it all by making sure you allow time for yourself, if this is new for you, self-care (self-love) start with five minutes a day just to close your eyes, sink into the earth, into your body, to be present (be in presence with yourself, with Source) just breathe and let everything drop away.

Keep listening to your body, the body is speaking loudly as it wishes to be heard, it has been ignored for so long or overlooked by many as being a valuable part of our spiritual journeys, it is a key part as it communicates with you, it speaks and shows you through sensation, feeling when things are out of balance, when you go against your inner knowing, your boundaries, your wisdom. Start to listen to it more, tune in and take notice of this incredibly intelligent vessel that houses our Light, our hearts for without it we would not be here in this earthly incarnation.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of goalcast.com