You’ve Come So Far

24th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Your capability coming in strongly again today and a reminder that all the work you have done, the uncomfortable that you have been within, and this has varied greatly for many, in bringing the shadows into consciousness you have been able to access the treasures it holds rather than avoiding or repressing it. The power has always rested within you, it has always been you that had the power to transform your life. The darkness isn’t really dark although it can sure feel like it, it IS opportunity to reclaim a part of the self, to greater heal and become more whole. A reminder of the love and tremendous unseen support that has been with you as worked with what was ready to come to consciousness. Know that all that is brought to light and into the light sets you free, greater freedom and space is created within as you are reclaiming your power.

Be patient with yourself as some may feel within a space that actually feels a little bit spacey, a bit weird and uncertain, this is your being adjusting to its new space, you are more spacious as you have let go of so much and this takes a little time to settle in to and to become accustomed to. Let yourself adjust; nothing is wrong everything is beautifully so very right. Things are dropping in and new structures forming, taking shape, be patient with yourself and the process as you find your feet within your newness. Can you feel the power building within you, take some time to just sit in stillness, in peace and be at one with yourself. If doubts and fears start to creep in try and relax into it, for it is just the human trying to make sense of it all and when it can’t explain it fully, logically it automatically wants to go into either fear or bring up all your doubts, particularly around your choices made or if in fact things are going in the right direction. Try to ease the mind, be still, move the body, get out and walk to shake this all through, do your best to move yourself through it, it will pass.

With masses of love to all xxx

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