Where is your focus and energy?

3rd August 2022 1 By SoulLee Connected

What little insights and realisations are you receiving, are you paying attention? Find time even for five minutes to again pause and bring your focus back to your back into the heart space, breathe and allow the body and the mind to release on the exhale and let it all drop away. Cut cords with all energies, cords and attachments that are not yours to hold and actively give permission for what is yours to sink into the earth, let it go freely. Use the breath to exhale any tension or overrunning emotions or thoughts. You are moving through some powerful releasing and some are coming into life changing realisations, ones that you feel you can start to act on, you feel ready for. Some need space and rest at this time, it’s all about honouring what you feel and remembering that the old ways of pushing through, being the martyr, the people pleaser, at the detriment of yourself does not work. See where you may still be within these patterns.

In order to assist the body at this time keep finding space to pause, bring your attention back within and be aware of where you mind is. Let go of any attachment you may have to anyone else’s story, see where you may be attaching yourself to others, you may not be totally conscious of this and we do this mostly with those we love especially when they are travelling through a lot. We are getting better at mastering coming from a space of nonjudgmental detached love, this doesn’t mean we don’t care or love deeply but rather we are able to hold space without tying ourselves deeply within another’s journey, we can best support them from this space and it is healthy and balanced for all.

Take the time to just be and connect within your body, your heart. If the mind brings forth a bit of ‘stuff’ this is good as you are being shown where your focus has been so you can acknowledge it and look within it, is it yours, is it attached to another, then make choice here that serves you and all in love. Are you leaking your energy into that which is not of you or are you within your own space you own energy. Keep moving, feeling, listening to what is in alignment for you, what feels right, feels good to your heart, it doesn’t have to be right or make sense to anyone else but you.

Much love to all xxx

(Image courtesy of zyto.com)