The Body Speaks

1st February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Happy 1st of Feb. The body speaks today. The amount that is being released from our bodies and the light that is coming through the stars, the Universe at this time can play out in your life as feeling that you are experiencing little ‘hurdles’ in your life. You may at times feel a little ungrounded but remember this will settle down as February moves through. Try your best if you feel a little fearful or anxious at times that all is well, use the breath, as you are shedding to call it that, shedding the old versions of you and acclimatising to your new vibration, you are adjusting for you have done so much disconnecting and healing over the last year. As always whatever is needed to be brought up will be, to assist you to release deeply attachments to old trauma, the past. Remember it is a process, there are many layers, deeper layers accessed along the way within your human transformation. Remember your perception creates your reality, if you are able to see from a more expansive empowered viewpoint this goes a long way to assist the old to be let go of as it is unravelled.

It is interesting and timely that I have been guided that it is now the time to release the newer frequency Chakra Portal Codes that were created last year and have been in a holding space since. (For those that were connected with them beforehand know it was right timing for you to receive and they will continue to assist you at this time within the process of transmutation and release from these centres. They will be available soon for either digital only or digital and laminated versions. At this time the heart, solar plexus and throat are being highlighted as going through a lot of clearing and activation, whether connected to the stories experienced in this lifetime or that have come through the Ancestral (genetic) lineage. The past, your past has shaped who you are and how you perceive things and so at this time the old stories are being released, this is occurring on an individual and a collective level so it’s important to remember to do you and remember that what another is experiencing is their own journey.

Know the beauty, the magic within it all is that you are opening, you are making space within to welcome higher frequencies that vibrate within that which is love, joy, freedom. The process is going to feel more pronounced for some it all depends of course as we are all unique so no experience will be the same, perhaps similar but never the same so you cannot compare to others, you can only do you and hold yourself in the highest love and kindness, hold love for others. The body calls you to work with it, to assist the moving of these higher energies through the body, use the tools that work for you, the breath, nature, water, water, water, flush the systems, get in water, salt water if you can the ocean is a powerful healer, sunlight. Don’t worry if you cant get out depending on where you are in the world at this time, use the breath and sink into trust that your body holds the power and knows what it is doing. See all as the beautiful gift it is to release and connect with higher levels of the beauty within you, the joy. You are opening constantly to remembering who you are, and that is beauty in its highest form precious Light.

With absolute love always xxx

(Light Code – Throat Chakra Portal – Not to be copied or downloaded unless purchased please- (c) SoulLee Connected 2022-2023)