Divine Timing ~ Clarity is on the way

28th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today’s message speaks of Divine timing, letting go of our (human/personalities) agenda and being more flexible and so open to receive what else is possible for us, what is outside the box of possibles we have created for ourselves, outside of our own outcomes, expectations and ideas. To sink into deeper trust and allow universal flow what wants to be allows us to be expansive and limitless in our thinking and what is possible for all truly is, it opens us to all. Detaching from what keeps us restricted and limited in all ways, the when’s, where’s and how’s, the shape and form the mind believes things will manifest/be. Flow and follow your energy instead of your to do list.

Are you sitting on the fence, need a little nudge of encouragement? This came through yesterday as the energies present at this time are really perfect to assist us to dig deeper, feel we are more able to stand in our power holding courage by the hand, faith in the other to take small steps that propel us forwards, no matter the path you choose all is perfect there is no wrong. So the question Spirit brings is are you giving your power away? Remember when you step (act/choose) the Universe does in response, you co-create. You don’t have to have everything perfect, have a perfect time or need to micro-manage every step and detail. Allow all the pieces to fall naturally as they respond to your steps knowing that what comes is for your highest good and is what is needed for you to grow.

Clarity is coming, the insight you need is on its way so be clear about what is true for you, what feels aligned and right within your heart. Feel into your body what is it telling you, is it speaking through your solar plexus within sensations, what rises from your heart, what does you intuition tell you instantly that you may be not listening to or brushing off as your own thoughts, that instant response is your knowing speaking. Listen to the body ask it questions and feel the responses, ask you heart and listen for they are your tools to guide you to what is right or not so much what feels within your boundaries before you make a decision, speak or take action. To begin it may be easier to listen to the body and be able to hear your heart when in stillness when you can shut off the outside world, the more you practice this and start to become really in-tune and aware of your body on all levels you won’t need to. Be aware that the answer you seek is not always as simple as a yes or no response, you may be delivered potential outcomes based on your options. Clear communication at this time is important, what you want to send out to the Universe, to the Divine, make your intentions clear but be aware of your whys and where your choices are guided from, your heart or the ego.

It may seem hard to know are you holding back, sitting on the fence and being indecisive as avoidance, fear, doubt and lack of confidence override or is it because you truly don’t feel it is time, it is right Divine time. The ego will tell you what you want to hear, it will judge. Listen to your inner voice and your heart for it will always speak the truth when you ask and if you are open and allow the truth to be fully heard and received.

With absolute Love xxx

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