Listen to the Wisdom within

25th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Listen to the inner wisdom flowing through you. The physical body may be feeling a little sore, tired, muscle tension, join tension (jaw), third eye, eyes, really allow your physical vessel to receive what it needs, give to yourself. You are processing a lot at this time, a lot may be coming up within your dream space, past experiences, people as well as feeling that you aren’t really getting a deep and peaceful sleep at night which can leave you feeling a little tender. Trust it all, all is well. Try not to be reactionary to what is outside of you because you are feeling a little frazzled as is easy to do. We are within the energies the other side of the Eclipse, which was a huge turning point, allow it all to settle, allowing and surrendering to what is occurring within your body sees you move through all with much greater ease and grace. Be gentle, slow it all down where you can if you are trying to push through as you may find you just don’t have it in you. As said a few days ago you may feel up one day and not so much the next, it can feel wildly different from morning to evening, just flow with it as things settle within you. Again bring in the light of the Divine, imagine, see, sense, feel it flowing through your crown and into every point and space of your being. As it moves through you see and know, trust that it is flushing all that is dense or stagnant, tense, out and through the soles of your feet into the Earth. Ask the Earth Mother to take it from you and thank her. When we are within times of processing and integrating so much, so much is shifting within us and the physical body is feeling it look after your energy, bring Light in and assist the process of clearing with water, salt water bathing. If you don’t have a bath put Epsom salts in a foot bath. Clear your Chakras, meditate, sit with the breath and just be.

You aren’t going backwards you are changing and shifting within because you are propelling forwards dear heart. Allow the (human) mind to take a back seat with its need to completely understand or work it all out. Trust the process as you shift into higher consciousness.

With much Love xxx

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