Softly Softly

2nd December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

A need for a softer approach physically comes through today, so don’t be surprised if you don’t feel as well rested as you would like or ready to jump into things when you wake. Body fatigue may return, that deep tiredness that was felt the other week may show up again. If this is you slow it down as best you can and give to yourself where you can or if you have commitments that cant be broken promise yourself some down time, feet up time, a salt bath to help nurture and restore as well as release any denser energies from the body when you have finished. Salt baths come in for everyone or even if you don’t have a bath to pop your feet in a bucket of epsom salted water and soak there for a good 20 minutes or so.

There is nothing wrong if you feel tired, fatigued or drawn within, a little introverted today, you are just being guided to really listen to what your body needs, being the incredible hard working vessel that most of the time doesn’t get a look in or much thought given to the job it does day in day out for us. Perhaps give your skin our largest organ a little moisturiser a little loving care if this is not something you normally do, show it a little love and kindness.

When we slow it down we allow space to receive, to hear and be open to the guidance and love of Soul, and of the Divine, those in spirit that lovingly support and guide us, they are better able to get through to us. Make space to come back within and if this message sounds like a broke record to you it is because it is so very needed as the year moves through its final month and we come to reflect on all the powerful releasing, shifting and experiences we have been through that have brought such inner transformation and outer change. Try to find peace with where you are at now if it is not exactly a space that feels ideal to you, remind yourself of the incredible job you are doing just by being here at this time in-body. Some changes take more time than we would like so don’t be hard on yourself, look for the gems within the space you are, the more you do the more you will find and have open to you.

To support yourself keep coming back into the heart, you can download the Connect to the Heart audio and connect with the enter the Heart Space Light Code as you listen in ‘Files’ at the top of the SoulLee Connected Heart Channelled Guidance Facebook Group menu (link to join on Home page of this website). The Body Light Flush is also below if you would like this emailed let me know. Use the tools available to keep coming back in your day to connect to the heart and keep the body as clear as possible of anything you may take on energetically during the day from others.

With Love xxx